The Venice Simplon-Orient Express Resurrects Europe’s Golden Age of Train Travel with New Suites Collection

Europe’s iconic Venice Simplon-Orient Express continues to rank high when it comes to luxury train travel with its new class of cabin accommodations called Suites. The Belmond train calls passengers all aboard to experience the two magnificently restored 1920s cabins while European scenery passes your window. 

Venice Simplon-Orient Express twin beds

With an intriguing past of hosting famed parties and guests along the railroad tracks, timeless glamor is reflected in the Art Deco-inspired design. Each suite will immerse guests into the days of yesteryear, through storied decor, mosaic patterns and supple textures reminiscent of the Golden Age of train travel. Carefully constructed by expert French craftsmen, Suites transform from lounge area by day to sleeping space by night and offer complimentary amenities, such as kimonos and snug slippers. Reconstructed Historic Cabins romanticize the idea of old-age train car privacy with a smaller chamber offering interchangeable banquet seating and a luxe bed that serves as the optimal vantage point for soaking in the landscape from the cabin window. 

Venice Simplon-Orient Express Bathroom

The already-debuted, five-star quality Grand Suites collection consists of six spacious rooms, each one inspired by one of Europe’s most alluring cities: Venice, Paris, Istanbul, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. Sumptuous silk embroidery and nods to Gothic and Ottoman architecture decorate the Budapest-centered Grand Suite, while elegantly handcrafted furnishings along with hints of haute couture dress the Paris-themed Grand Suite. Floor space and privacy are of the utmost importance in each of these rooms, with classically styled marble bathrooms (think: tailored towels, bathrobes and slippers), plush double bedded sleeping area and private living room quarters. For free-flowing champagne, exclusive dining and 24-hour butler service, this extravagant experience comes at  the price of $8,980 per person. 

An exquisite dining experience — prepared and served by Chef Jean Imbert — embraces seasonal flavors and fresh produce from each city the train stops at along the way, served around the clock with night-long live entertainment. Begin your day with a plentiful breakfast platter supplying a medley of breakfast delights — coffee, smoked salmon, mimosas and even caviar if you desire — delivered straight to your cabin or served on a silver platter in the train’s remodeled 1920s restaurant car. As for lunch and mid-day dining, guests can indulge in an opulent three course meal or, if in the mood for a 3 p.m. snack, they can opt for afternoon tea.  

Venice Simplon-Orient Express Champagne cart

Once the night rolls in, sway to the sound of the grand piano — played by the resident pianist — in the bar car as old-fashioned cocktails are brought to your intimate nook. After a jubilant evening replete with boozy drinks and amusing conversation, indulge in a midnight nosh: Lobster rolls, truffled club sandwiches and champagne are a few options to choose from (it doesn’t get more decadent than that for a late night meal).

From Paris to Venice (called the “Classic Route”), London to Vienna, or Paris to Istanbul — only operating once a year — the Venice Simplon Orient Express offers around 60 intriguing train routes annually. Limited availability dates for departure makes this an invaluable experience that will provide passengers lucky enough to ride with memories for a lifetime. 

The Suites are available starting June 15, 2023 and priced at $6,720 per person.

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