These Are the Best Times To Book Your Flight

The price of flights can majorly increase the budget of your trip, which is why it’s best to implement a few helpful tips and tricks to help with the booking process. And while there isn’t a specific time of day that’s best to book your flight, there are a few windows of time that can help you snag the most value on your booking. 

According to a CheapAir.com 2023 Report, airfare for a flight changes about 49 times from the second the flight goes on sale until the flight departs. Each change is controlled by a computer software, so it can happen at any time. And, each time the flight changes, the price adjusts by an average of $43. 

This is why there’s no specific time of day—or a specific day of the week— that’s best for booking flights. However, the best time to book your flights on average is 70 days before your travel date, according to the report. The window to book travel within North America should be between 46 to 164 days before travel. Of course, things change all the time, and this is based on averages. 

Another factor to consider? The day you fly. The report mentions that the cheapest day of the week to fly is Wednesday. Tuesday is the second cheapest date to fly. Both can save you between $94-$100 per flight, so it’s worth remembering that mid-week flights offer the most value. 

When it comes to the best month to travel, February is your best bet. On the other hand, December and July are the most expensive months to travel.  Since airlines jam up the prices for peak and holiday seasons, these will be the most expensive times to fly. Overall, there’s no magic time to book your flights that will instantly save you money. With flexible travel dates, you’ll have great luck scoring some savings.

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