These Are the Most Luxurious First-Class Cabins

It’s time to return to the golden era of flying, with a modern twist. From a welcome glass of Dom Pérignon to a shower in the sky, these six first-class cabins ooze luxury and decadence. 

Singapore Airlines Suites, Airbus A380 

First class on Singapore’s Airbus A380 is the peak of luxury commercial travel. These hotel room–like suites offer more than 50 square feet of space including a reclining armchair, a separate bed, and sliding doors. Couples traveling together can combine two suites into one massive space, complete with a double bed. Singapore’s iconic “Book the Cook” feature allows travelers to pre-order gourmet meals crafted by notable chefs, from local classics to international favorites.  

Air France La Premiere, Boeing 777

While there may be other first-class cabins with more amenities, Air France’s La Premiere is an incredibly exclusive affair with only four seats and exudes a level of sophistication that only the French can pull off. Floor-to-ceiling curtains separate each seat, giving the impression that you’re in a Parisian bedroom rather than a plane. Before boarding, passengers can get a complimentary Sisley facial at the La Premiere lounge before being whisked to the aircraft in a private car. 

Credit: Duncan Chard/Courtesy Emirates.

Emirates First Class, Boeing 777 & Airbus A380

With zero-gravity seats, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and an interior design inspired by Mercedes-Benz, it’s hard to top Emirates’ “Gamechanger” first class on select Boeing 777 aircraft. Add in free-flowing Dom Pérignon sent to your fully-customizable suite (with temperature and LED lighting controls) and you’ve got the recipe for over-the-top luxury. If the most cutting-edge, tech-enabled cabin isn’t a necessity, Emirates also offers a slightly-older first class cabin on the double-decker Airbus A380. The upside to that? A shower at 35,000 feet and an onboard bar. 

ANA The Suites, Boeing 777

With a sleek, dark grey color scheme and a privacy door, ANA’s newest first-class cabin on select Boeing 777 aircraft is Japanese minimalism at its finest. The 43-inch monitor is one of the largest in the skies and is the ideal backdrop while indulging in a glass of Krug, caviar, and a multi-course Japanese omakase dinner. As one of Japan’s major airlines, expect a somewhat unexpected nicety: bidet toilets in the lavatory. 

Lufthansa First Class, Boeing 747 & Airbus A340

While many airlines have completely retired the iconic “Queen of the Skies” — the Boeing 747 double-decker that started the jet age in the 1960s — Lufthansa isn’t one of them. The first-class cabin on the Boeing 747 (and Airbus A340) are sleek and refined, but the fun begins before you even get onboard. In its Frankfurt hub, first-class fliers never need to set foot in the main airport terminal. Forget just an airport lounge, first-class guests get a completely separate terminal, with napping rooms, shower suites, a full sit-down restaurant, and its own dedicated immigration and security. When boarding begins, passengers are whisked to their plane via a private (or semi-private car). 

Cathay Pacific First Class, Boeing 777

Hong Kong’s flag carrier, Cathay Pacific, hits the sweet spot by combining an elevated first-class experience alongside seats that are private and cocoon-like (there are just six ultra-luxury seats at the pointy end of the plane). With one of the best beds in all of commercial aviation and a variety of Cantonese and international flavors (and of course, Krug and caviar), Cathay strikes an ideal balance between rest and relaxation.

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