This Boutique Hotel Is a Dreamy Hideaway on Santorini’s Thirassia Island

The extravagant Perivolas is a five-star hotel and is accompanied by Perivolas Hideaway, a private house on the island of Thirassia, Santorini. Thirassia was detached from Santorini during a volcanic eruption in 1613 BC – making it it’s own secluded little island just across the water from Santorini. When traveling, privacy seems like a luxury, and having to travel to Perviolas Hideaway either by boat or helicopter is a perfect start to a private getaway on an island that feels like it’s all yours.

Guests can experience the genuine warmth of Greek hospitality while staying at Perivolas Hideaway. The Aegean waters wrap around the house, providing its own secluded beach and dock. The Captain of the hotel can take guests on little excursions on one of their boats for exploring the islands and swimming in secluded and private areas. It’s easy to feel at home and comfortable while staying at the hotel. With only 4 gorgeous bedrooms available, you truly feel like you have the island to yourself. 

The architecture is one of the many incredible assets of Perviolas Hideaway. There are a variety of arched doorways and windows, minimalist, neutral furnishing, and a dash of color throughout the hotel, providing a calm and relaxing aura throughout the entire place. The hotel is constructed on the site of a pumice mine, dating back to 1850. Though it went through recent renovations, the exterior remained the same. It speaks to the Hideaway’s history and uniqueness. 

The staff is very accommodating and discrete. They help you feel like this space is yours and are always there to assist. There are opportunities for cooking lessons, wine tasting, diving sessions, massages, and beauty treatments. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy your time and get a glimpse of what island living is really like.

Guests can enjoy the all included meals on any of the Hideaways terraces which overlook the island of Santorini. The Mediterranean cuisine they serve consists of the perfect ingredients you’ll love eating before and after a long day of relaxing, doing water sports, and seeing the amazing sites. They ensure all of their ingredients are fresh and full of flavor and handpick them at a market each day. 

Top Takeaways

Location: Thirassia, Greece

Rating: 5-star

The Vibe: An architecturally aesthetic, private, and secluded island designed for superb quality and comfort. 

Food + Drink: All meals are included at Perivolas Hideaway. Their dishes are a blend of traditional and contemporary Greek dishes. Each meal is prepared with local products and fresh ingredients they source daily from a market. They offer a selection of local Greek wines and spirits, beer, soft drinks, and hot and cold beverages. 

Our Favorite Part of the Hotel: The location of Perivolas Hideaway is a unique property that is set in a quiet area, providing you with a comfortable and relaxing experience. The waterfront Hideaway is perfect for those who want to explore Santorini but then go back to the seclusion and peace that the hotel provides. 

Amenities: Private water sports facility, Infinity seawater pool, Private beach, On-demand transfers between Santorini and the Hideaway, Daily meals prepared by their cook, On-demand massage and beauty therapy, Private dock, Private helipad

What’s Nearby? Santorini 

Any personal neighborhood recs? There are opportunities to take a boat and explore the seas and impeccable views of Thirassia. 

Rooms: 4

Pricing: Rates start at $4,293/night

Closest Airport: Santorini Airport 

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