This Luxe NYC Hotel Wants Guests to Have a Perfect Night Sleep

Changing time zones, a new place, or a long flight, are just a few reasons why sleep is one of the first self-care rituals to go out the window when traveling. With this being a common problem, you would imagine that focusing on guests’ sleep and REM cycle would be the focal point of any hospitality experience but, in truth, most guests struggle to get the zzz’s they need. 

Equinox Hotels is here to change that. With the introduction of The Art + Science of Sleep by Equinox Hotels, Equinox Hotels is bringing sleep back into the luxury hotel experience. 

Just as with their fitness clubs, the Equinox brand knows how to go beyond a traditional offering; the hotels are no different. Each of the rooms throughout the 212-room Equinox Hotel New York are designed as a sleep chamber, eliminating all sound and light pollution. Which, let’s be honest, is a tough feat in New York City. Next to the bed you’ll find an iPad personalized to your stay. Hit the ‘Dark. Quiet. Cool’ button and the room shuts down to the optimal sleep setting in both lighting and temperature. And because why not, the bed is layered with temperature-regulating natural fibers and has two duvets, a style more commonly found in Europe, that means you won’t find yourself pulling the duvet away from your partner all night. 

To go even further, imagine having a hotel craft your ideal bedtime routine for you, and then giving you all the tools to make it happen. Well, those are the details Equinox Hotels thinks about. Before bed, hop in the shower and use their specialized night-time soaps that help your body unwind and relax. Put on your robe, scope out the RoomBar stocked with herbal sleep-inducing teas and tinctures or order from the in-room ‘Sleep Well’ dining menu featuring bone broth, a bedtime charcoal latte and more to support natural melatonin production. To turn off your mind and finish off your new bedtime routine, roll out the yoga mat, turn on your TV or iPad and tune into the in-room AM + PM Rituals leading you through breathwork techniques designed to optimize your circadian rhythm. 

Included in the program, guests will experience the award-winning spa at The Spa by Equinox Hotels. Treatments within the sleep program include the Spa Wave Table–a sound and harmonic resonance therapy giving you the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep in 30 minutes–as well as two Cryotherapy sessions to help increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and promote improved sleep quality through the regulation of neurotransmitters. Plus, all hotel guests have access to the hot and cold plunges, indoor and outdoor pools heated year round, and barrel saunas with unparalled views of Hudson Yards. 

Credit: Joe Thomas

Every detail and offering throughout the hotel helps you work, play and move at your best – they call themselves a high-performance hotel and we finally understand what that means. For those who need more than just two nights of the best sleep ever, extend your stay to the recommended five nights, and add-on other sleep-inducing amenities such as sleep coaching, a NutriDrip Sleep IV and more.

Whether you’re in need of a regenerating staycation, are traveling from afar, or simply can’t remember the last time you got a great night’s sleep, Equinox Hotels is here to give you the best sleep ever so you can work, move, play–do whatever you do– at your highest level. 

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