This New York City Spa Draws Inspiration From The Hero’s Journey

Credit: Adrian Gaut

You’ve probably never been to a spa with pools heated by Bitcoin. Or a sauna affair including snowballs, surprise beats, and towel-waving, for that matter. Stick with us: this is everything you need to know about New York City’s newest destination for socialization and rejuvenation, Bathhouse Flatiron.

Credit: Adrian Gaut

Bathhouse co-founders Jason Goodman and Travis Talmadge built their brand in Williamsburg, Brooklyn around functionality over fluff. The street-level all-day cafe draws constant crowds. Inside, the former soda factory-turned-spa sports subway tiling, brick-laden walls, and industrial elements. 

In keeping with their poetic theme of breathing new life into stable foundations, Goodman and Talmadge opened Bathhouse’s second location in a former parking garage.

Credit: Adrian Gaut

The multi-level concrete bones made for an optimal blank slate. In terms of design vision, what serves as the common template for epic literary journeys such as Homer’s The Odyssey––a hero embarks on a quest, making friends along the way before being faced with a life-altering climax and then returns home, shaped by the experience––lays the framework for each guest’s Bathhouse visit.

Credit: Adrian Gaut

The “Hero’s Journey” begins in the bright reception and retail space. Guests check in at the stone counter in the middle of the room, then descend a series of illuminated concrete stairs into the vibey, other-worldly atmosphere created by the brilliant Rockwell Group in collaboration with Colberg Architecture, Collectif Engineering, and Loop Lighting.

Credit: Adrian Gaut

A tugging sense of mystery and awe blossoms as guests make their way through the labyrinthine changing rooms and down another winding staircase, finally ending in the underbelly of the Flatiron district.

Six thermal pools––one neutral pool; one salt pool within the Treatment center; two cold pools; and two heated by Bitcoin––shimmer against the dark concrete. All the while, laughter bounces from one corner to another as guests find camaraderie amongst one another.

Credit: Adrian Gaut

A Russian-style Banya powered by a gas furnace runs at 194ºF and features variegated slate quarried in Vermont. Tropical plants caress the cloudy windowpane in the Infrared Sauna radiating up to 130ºF. Open your pores in the 115ºF Steam Room before heading through the corridor leading to the Treatment rooms. 

Credit: Adrian Gaut

Just two treatments are offered: a Massage or a Scrub. The professional sports-level Massage combines deep tissue work, myofascial release, acupressure, and stretching adapted for a bath house environment. The Scrub promotes blood circulation and exfoliation. Taking place within a hammam, Moroccan black soap is used to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells before hydrating with a CBD oil moisturizer.

Credit: Adrian Gaut

Daily sauna rituals by in-house Sauna Masters known as Aufguss are a core pillar of Bathhouse Flatiron. During this 15-minute multi-sensory experience, the Sauna Master warms snowballs infused with essential oils on hot stones, then waves a towel rhythmically to provide entertainment and reprieve from the unbearable heat.

Conclude the Bathhouse experience back upstairs with natural wine, cocktails, and delicious shareable bites. Breakfast highlights include Green Egg Frittata and Coconut Chia Pudding, while lunch and dinner brings Stracciatella, Acme Smoked Salmon & Trout Dip, Roasted Sweet Potato, and Wagyu Skewer

No matter when you prefer to unwind, Bathhouse Flatiron provides passes for early birds, night owls, and weekend warriors. At Bathhouse Flatiron, the destination is well worth the expedition.

Top Takeaways

Location: Flatiron, New York City

Address: 14 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

Atmosphere: Upon descension into the spa set within the depths of a converted parking garage, all sense of time is lost, and calm settles in among the ethereal, expansive, and dark space.

Price Point: $$

Amenities: Thermal pools, saunas, steam rooms

Our favorite thing about the spa: We love Bathhouse’s emphasis on not just relaxation but curated programming––specifically, their daily sauna rituals by in-house and guest Sauna Masters known as Aufguss.

Recommended Treatments: There are just two treatments: the Hammam Scrub and a Massage, reminiscent of a typical “sports” massage. The Hammam Scrub provides a sense of relaxation beyond measure.

What is the least expensive treatment? Weekday 30-min Massage or Weekday Hammam Scrub: $140++

What is the most expensive treatment? Weekend Pro Massage: $255++

Anything Else: Each guest must wear the sandals provided. Towels are available as needed, and be sure to wash up after taking advantage of the amenities; the bath products are luxurious.

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