This Brand-New Swiss Spa in New York City Offers Superlative Facials

As a travel editor, I’ve had my fair share of spa facials: cucumbers over the eyes, high-priced serums, and exfoliators aplenty, the whole shebang. But recently, my preconceived perceptions surrounding “the art of the facial” were challenged. The cause? I experienced the best facial of my life at the Swiss-born Intuisse Spa, sitting in Maison Hudson by The Collection, NYC’s latest and greatest luxe extended-stay hotel.

Elite skincare company Intuisse runs its eponymous West Village spa. Among other qualities that tout their high-brow approach to facial pampering, they use a patent-pending Active NAD+ liposomal formulation, which, in palatable terms, stimulates cellular renewal and unlocks the skin’s organic luminosity. Let’s take a bit of a deep dive into all of this: As we wrinkle up with age, our intracellular NAD+ levels decrease significantly—Intuisse’s new-age remedies implement heady clean actives (including peptides, squalene, centella asiatica, prebiotics, and natural enzymes) plus molecular technology to encourage cell renewal, combatting environmental aggressors that make our skin age. The result is increased collagen, elastin, and laminin production, which leads to glowing skin.

When undergoing their Intuisse Facial Signature here, expect to enter a state of zen that makes you forget New York City’s raucous is right outside. Therapists invoke sedation as they calmly brush your face with nourishing skincare tonics, gently exfoliate the skin, de-puff the eyes, massage the face and scalp, and last but not least, finish via cathartically tugging the neck (the last one was new for me). 

Aside from enviable facials, a treasure trove of treatments is available here (maybe a full-body massage is more your ish?). Intuisse’s thoughtful partnership with NADclinic—one of the globe’s most reputable longevity and human performance—enhances the spa’s top-line wellness reputation by dint of salubrious infusions: combatting jetlag and fatigue, vitamin immunity boosters, alongside fat loss remedies are a fraction of what populates the menu. 

Spa guests can also look forward to a sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi.

Needless to say, skincare aficionados from near and far need to add the Intuisse Facial Signature at Maison Hudson’s Intuisse Spa to their dermatological bucket list. 

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