Where to Visit Post-Breakup

There’s really only one thing to do after a break-up: book a flight. After all, the best way to get over an ex is to travel somewhere you’ve never been, right? We’re pretty sure that’s how the saying goes. Whether you’re looking for something relaxing or rambunctious, we’ve rounded up our favorite destinations to visit post-breakup.

For those in their healing era: Bali, Indonesia

A flight from the United States to Bali is over 16 hours, but once you’ve arrived, you’ll truly feel as though you’ve been transported somewhere other-worldly. Renowned for its storied history of traditional healing therapies, there is truly no better place to relax and rejuvenate.

Where to stay: Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape

Nestled in the heart of the Balinese jungle, Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape is a place to disconnect from your tech and reconnect to yourself in ways never imagined. The no-walls, no-doors villas offer guests a unique “naked experience” within nature.

For those in search of spontaneity: Tokyo, Japan

Ultramodern architecture and advancements marry storied traditions in Japan’s bustling capital, Tokyo. As the world’s most populated metropolis, travelers can truly let the crowds guide them in any direction. The best part about a visit here? You’re guaranteed to end each day in a completely different place than where you started it.

Where to stay: Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Tokyo Daita

From the inside, travelers would not realize Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Tokyo Delta is located on the fringe of Shimokitazawa, Tokyo’s buzziest neighborhood. The hotel is an architectural oxymoron, providing travelers with the benefits of a quaint countryside cabin adjacent to a trendy hub. Each space is modeled after every tenet of the traditional Japanese ryokan, from the paper-screened shoji sliding walls to soaking baths.

For those looking to get close to nature: The Galápagos Islands

Consider paradise found when traveling to the Galápagos Islands. Cell service here is minimal, so you’ll be completely immersed among the nature and wildlife that reign free along this cluster of islands off the coast of Ecuador. Nicknamed the “Enchanted Islands,” there are a variety of land, marine, and avian species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Where to stay: Pikaia Lodge

Situated on Santa Cruz Island is the site of Pikaia Lodge, a luxurious and sustainable 14-room carbon-neutral property. Balanced on top of an extinct volcano, this carbon-neutral hotel provides modern amenities among the secluded surrounding landscape.

For the sun chasers: Ibiza, Spain

The sun, the surf, the sand, and the sounds: Ibiza truly has it all. Since the 1950s, the island has attracted free-spirited tastemakers, who ultimately decided to stay long-term after experiencing the endless wonders the island has to offer. The spirit of this Balearic Island is palpable at any time of day, whether you decide to lay out on the beach, or venture out to one of the numerous nightclubs in the evening.

Where to stay: OKU Ibiza

Steps away from the breathtaking Cala Gracio bay and beaches stands the luxurious OKU Ibiza. This stylish, earthy-toned hotel caters to travelers seeking the splendors of the city. Laidback luxury is at the property’s core, with accommodations boasting private swim-up pools, a rooftop with expansive views, and a resident DJ who starts spinning as soon as the sun sets.

For the design-inclined: Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s been said that a “clean space is a clean mind.” Developed in the 1950s across the five Nordic countries, Scandinavian design is revered worldwide for its sleek lines, sophistication, and minimalism. Clear your mind surrounded by impeccable design in museums, art galleries, and eateries in Copenhagen.

Where to stay: Hotel Sanders

Deeply rooted in the creative history of its location, Hotel Sanders is a departure from the interior design elements usually found in Nordic abodes. A former ballerina-turned-design aficionado converted a townhouse into a sumptuous dreamspace for art lovers. Rattan and dark wood, hard floors, towering palms, and books abound.

For the foodie-focused: Oaxaca, México

The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca is a cultural powerhouse, pulsating with color, history, and unrivaled gastronomy. The UNESCO-protected churches and elegant plazas provide a feast for the eyes, but you surely will never go hungry here. As the birthplace of molé, the regional cuisine is highly acclaimed. Plus, there is no shortage of mezcal pairings, as Oaxaca’s traditional distilling practices date back centuries.

Where to stay: Hotel Sin Nombre

A 17th-century colonial mansion is now home to Hotel Sin Nombre. Translating to “Hotel Without a Name,” the property team is dedicated to the belief that experiencing Oaxaca should be of your own creation. You don’t have to stray far for an ethereal culinary adventure: visit Restaurante Sin Nombre for a culmination of colors, freshness, nature, and quality produced by local Oaxacan farmers.

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