These Are The Angriest Airports in America

With lower waiting times, friendly staff, and gorgeous terminals, it’s safe to say that some airports are better than others. Comparatively, there are airports that infuriate passengers the second they walk through the door. Typically, this is because they cause the most delays, have terrible hours, or have extremely long security wait times. 

According to an analysis by Forbes Advisors, John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, angers travelers more than any other in the country. The report also claims that Atlanta, the world’s busiest airport, is the sixth most-anger-inducing airport in the entire country. In addition, passengers flying out of Jacksonville, Omaha, Tampa, and San Antonio complained that long lines, delays, cancellations, and unhappy staff members contributed to the airport’s providing an anger-inducing experience to passengers. 

On the other side of the equation, travelers in Indianapolis, Seattle-Tacoma, and Kansas City were the least angry, indicating that the airports provide a lovely travel experience for passengers. Users claim that easy-to-navigate airports, which include short wait times and little to no delays provide a better passenger experience overall, which is the reason for fewer angry passengers. 

To get the results of the survey, the brand analyzed more than 37,000 tweets directed at the 60 busiest airports in the United States. From there, the report concluded which airports were the most affected by poor passenger experiences. 

In short, if your airport is experiencing any slew of problems, ranging from delays to cancellations, you might encounter angry passengers. It’s all part of the travel experience though, so just keep an open mind and prepare yourself for the unexpected.

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