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Let’s be honest: we all fantasize about buying a home in Italy and moving there forever. And honestly, what could be better than endless pasta, Italian sunshine, and historic cities that tell a story through every step? Thankfully, our dreams of living in Italy are one step closer to achieving, thanks to an Instagram account called My Cheap Italian Home

The founders, Michelle and Kristina, live in Italy. They are both foreigners who relocated to the country with their families. While they didn’t initially know each other, they both coincidentally moved to the same hilltop town in Tuscany and became fast friends. With this account, they hope to help people find their perfect homes in the country so everyone can live out the same fantasy they once had. 

Each week, they curate a list of the 20 best and underrated properties, which includes a selection of homes with prices, photos, listing agents, and all the details. All of them are currently for sale in different areas all around Italy. The best part? Every property included is under 100,000 Euros, so you’re truly getting a bargain. 

Some properties worth pointing out include this gorgeous Baroque home in Sicily, complete with tons of natural light, a rooftop terrace with incredible views, and a location within walking distance of a nearby historic town. There’s also a dreamy villa in Puglia with spacious sunlit rooms, high vaulted ceilings, and authentic terrazzo floors where you have plenty of land to install a swimming pool or build your olive grove. In addition, you’ll find a hidden gem like this Pied-a-Terrie in Tuscany housed in a former convent for around $70k. It has wood-beamed ceilings, a serene internal courtyard, and a location that’s close to the nearby town. 

The newsletter costs $10 monthly and will be delivered to your inbox every Thursday. It includes all of the above and more, including Italian travel tips, recipes, etc. Ready to move to Italy? Us too. 

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