This European Airline Is Launching an Adults-Only Section

If you’ve ever longed for the days of kid-free travel, then Europe’s Corendon Airlines is one you’ll want to fly. This November, the airline will launch a dedicated adults-only section on flights between Amsterdam and Curacao. The airline believes the division will be helpful for adults looking for a quieter travel experience and parents who won’t fear disturbing fellow passengers with a crying child. 

According to the airline, the section will be onboard an Airbus A350-900 aircraft. Available to those aged 16 and up, the area will be separated from the main cabin by walls or curtains to create a private space.

Those looking to fly seated in this section should note that it does come at a premium. The nine XL seats, which have extra legroom, and the 93 standard seats in the dedicated cabin add 45 euros or more to the cost of a regular one-way ticket. While the airline offers premium booking options, no business or first-class seats are available onboard. 

The route begins on November 3, alongside the “Adult Only” approach. Other airlines have tested similar concepts in the past. However, none of them were successful in the long run — and Corendon Airlines is now giving it their best shot.

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