This Is the Lower East Side’s Sleekest New Speakeasy-Style Cocktail Bar

Credit: Eric Medsker

Concealed by an original graffiti-worn door on Rivington Street in the lively Lower East Side neighborhood, Tigre is the area’s sleek new cocktail lounge that melds the eclectic atmosphere found in Lower Manhattan’s clubs with the abundant energy of an affluent private dwelling in New York City.

Credit: Victor Stonem

At the helm of Premiere Enterprises, the team behind Brooklyn-based award-winning oyster and cocktail bar Maison Premiere, it’s no surprise that Tigre would be a design-savvy masterpiece that transports its guests to an entirely different destination than the one they’re arriving at. Much like the diverse artistic and cultural landscape of the LES, the lounge serves as a canvas where two narratives unfold concurrently: glimpses of New York’s gilded speakeasy era seamlessly blend with the essence of contemporary Manhattan.

Credit: Eric Medsker

Dripping in golden-hued glamour, the room evokes a timeless and refined style. Guests are welcomed by a corridor adorned with golden mirrors framed in rich dark oak paneling, accompanied by caramel-hued and tiger-embroidered upholstery in the intimate main room. From its walls swathed in ultrasuede and polished steel to its secluded seating corners and sumptuous couches dressed in jacquard velvet, plus an overall contrast of industrial textures (think: chain metal, copper tables, and nickel), there’s an element of elitist sophistication permeating throughout the space. Sultry retro art by French artist Jean-Paul Goude adds a seductive touch.

The central attraction is an eight-person horseshoe-shaped bar showcasing a glittering champagne island illuminated by a bespoke geometric chandelier at its core—where the drinks flow. Cocktails are listed under “Then” or “Now,” depending on whether they honor classic elixirs of yesteryear or embrace new-wave flavors: a traditional Rolls Royce comprising gin, Moscato Chinato, Benedictine, and saffron contrasts an inventive Cherchez La Femme with chartreuse, coffee, and cacao. Furthermore, non-alcoholic options like Non-1  (featuring salted raspberry and chamomile) and Non-3 (highlighting toasted cinnamon and yuzu) are available, ensuring that every visitor can delight in the richness of this bar.

Credit: Eric Medsker

Although we’re partial to daringly delicious libations, the most alluring aspect is undeniably the “Martinis by Ratio” offerings. Guests can tailor their martini preferences within a spectrum ranging from 4-to-1 through 16-to-1—and if you find yourself uncertain about the ratios, the expert bartenders will be happy to provide guidance. To complete the recipe, you can choose from a high-quality selection of vodkas, such as Grey Goose and Chopin Family Reserve, or gins, including Jung One and Cadenhead’s “Old Raj-More,” according to your fondness.

While walk-ins are accepted, guests should know there’s a dress code before entering—athletic wear, worn-down sneakers, ripped jeans, raggedy t-shirts, and hats are frowned upon. The Maître D team will decide your fate. Tigre is a classy spot, to say the least.

Top Takeaways

Location: Lower East Side, New York City

Address: 105 Rivington Street

Cuisine: Cocktail Bar

Price Point: $$

Takes Reservations: Yes – Resy

The vibe: An upscale cocktail bar with sleek interiors and an exclusive aura.

Our favorite thing on the menu:  Besides the impeccably curated martinis, we enjoyed the Carol Channing cocktail with framboise, lime, and champagne, which was bubbly and sweet.

The attire: Smart casual

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner: Tigre is open Sundays through Wednesdays from 5 PM – 1 AM and Thursdays through Saturdays from 5 PM – 2 AM

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