Bermuda Destination Guide

Less than a two-hour flight from the major East Coast airports, Bermuda’s rosy sands and aqua waters await the unsuspecting tourist. Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation or hoping to dive deeper into the island’s history, prioritize these must-dos for a well-rounded experience. Our “Bermuda Destination Guide” awaits below.


Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

With 20 acres spanning a secluded Bermudan peninsula, Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa sports a cluster of pretty-in-pink edifices. The boutique stay’s four private beaches and tantalizing spa are two perks of many. Make sure to grab a drink at the Sunken Harbor Club, a maritime-tinged bar with a medley of tasty cocktails on its menu (you might’ve been to their only other location in Brooklyn?).


Devil’s Isle Bermuda

Located in the heart of Bermuda’s capital, Hamilton, this place is a gem for breakfast and lunch. The coffee is phenomenal. And the breakfast….. oooff, it’s so tasty (the pictured Avocado Crush is the perfect start to the day). If you have dietary restrictions, this place has lots of accommodations in place, making the menu exceedingly inclusive.


It only makes sense that, due to Bermuda’s location in the middle of the Atlantic, the archipelago has some of the freshest fish out there. And on that topic of fish, without further ado, we introduce you to one of the island’s best sushi restaurants, Pearl. Their rooftop balcony overlooks the sea and makes for the perfect place to people watch from above, all the while eating ambrosial sushi.


Swizzle Inn

Bermuda’s infamously strong rum punch is made with three different types of rum and various fruit juices. Every local has their own recipe, but will also likely point a finger to this inn for a true local’s experience. Don’t forget to order a fish sandwich on raisin bread, an island classic.



Visit Bermuda’s Pink-Sand Beaches: Warwick Long Bay, Church Bay, and Horseshoe Bay

It goes without saying, but a trip to Bermuda’s beaches is a must. The island’s unique topography positions the south shore as a haven of powdery-sand beaches. The pinkest sand and private coves are found at Warwick Long Bay and Horseshow Bay, while the best snorkeling opportunities remain at Church Bay.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

The 185 steps to the top of the beacon are worth it for one of the best views of the island.

Tour Bermuda’s Main Three Towns

There are nine parishes in Bermuda, and while all of them offer a unique charm, there are three you can’t miss. The west end of the island beholds Dockyard, a part of Somerset, and a historic naval base; the east end of the island offers St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and at the center of the island is Hamilton, or “town” as the locals refer to it, the capital of Bermuda.

Natura Cave Spa

We’ve never had a massage in a cave. And let us tell you… both the deep tissue treatment and cavernous setting were unique to their core.

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