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This Indian Boutique Hotel Is a Maximalist Masterpiece

This Boutique Hotel Near Jaipur, India, Is a Maximalist Masterpiece

When it comes to red maximalist hotels, Villa Palladio in Jaipur, India, takes the crown. Formerly a haveli on the outskirts of the municipality, AD100 designer Marie-Anne Oudejans…

Orli Entry

San Diego’s Chicest Beach Town La Jolla’s Newest Stay Is a Cross Between a Homestay and Boutique Hotel

A Southern California jewel, the San Diego beach town of La Jolla has a new spot for travelers to rest their heads — and we got a tour….

The Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace as seen from the Arabian Sea. Mumbai - India

Mumbai Destination Guide

Mumbai is a city of stimulating dissonance: Concrete structures rub shoulders with Victorian Gothic and art deco buildings, resident women in colorful saris juxtapose denizens in finance-esque grey…

This New Orleans Boutique Hotel Occupies a Former Church, Convent, Schoolhouse, and Rectory

This New Orleans Boutique Hotel Comprises a Former Church, Convent, Schoolhouse, and Rectory

When it comes to one of the most creative hotels we’ve reviewed, Hotel Peter & Paul in New Orleans ranks high. Seriously, it’s a brilliant refashioning of old…

Mexico City

Mexico City Destination Guide

Mexico City is dynamic at every corner and ever-increasing in popularity (especially among Americans). So, out of that demand and our love for our southern neighbor’s capital, we’ve…

Meet NYC’s New Bar Concept for Queer Women, grotto

Meet NYC’s New Bar Concept for Queer Women, grotto

A dearth of spaces for queer women in NYC has brought life to grotto: a new one-of-a-kind sapphic cocktail bar concept that invokes a comfortable, safe, and atmospheric…

This Bermuda Boutique Hotel Is a Pink Paradise on the Beach

This Bermuda Boutique Hotel Is a Pink Paradise on the Beach

To many New Yorkers’ surprise, Bermuda is only a two-hour flight away. While the archipelago is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the fray of the…

Palm Springs House

Palm Springs Destination Guide

Just like how New Yorkers escape to the Hamptons during the summer, Southern Californians seek pool-lounging weather in Palm Springs during the winter. With streets lined corner-to-corner with…


The Best Boutique Hotels in Palm Springs, California

With its own airport and two-hour drive-time from Los Angeles and San Diego, the Californian desert town of Palm Springs reels in visitors from near and far. And…


These Are the World’s Most Eye-Catching Pink Hotels

We love hotels that are pretty in pink. Full Stop. And in fact, places doused in this hue are good for your health and well-being — for years, psychologists…

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