Laura Itzkowitz

Florence Destination Guide

Florence Destination Guide

Italy’s Renaissance capital is a must-visit destination, with its picturesque piazzas, world-class art museums, and stylish accommodations. Rome-based journalist and frequent visitor Laura Itzkowitz shares her official HAP…

Rome, Italy

Rome Destination Guide

With its ancient ruins, narrow cobblestone streets, Baroque monuments, and boisterous trattorias, the Eternal City holds a timeless appeal. Journalist and Rome resident Laura Itzkowitz shares her official…

Corte Sconta

1, 2, 3: Venice, Italy Destination Guide

Known as ‘La Serenissima,’ Venice is one of Italy’s most magical cities, where picturesque canals, Renaissance treasures and contemporary art vie for your attention. TO STAY: Ca’ di…

The Best Boutique Hotels in Rome

The Best Boutique Hotels in Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were its hotels. A new wave of them is washing over the Eternal City, bringing hip restaurants and rooftop bars…

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