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What is HAP Concierge?

HAP Concierge is your hip new travel agent.
We are a next-generation trip planning service that customizes itineraries focusing on boutique-style hotels and unique travel experiences worldwide. 
Our travel savants are savants on what and where is cool.
hassle-free process, they’ll book everything for you: Flights, hotels, activities, as well as meals, are just the start. Plus, our fortified relationships in the travel sphere allow for VIP-style perks & privileges at a bevy of hotels. 
You can choose to either sign up for our one-year HAP Concierge Membership, or if feeling non-committal, our one-time trip planning service.
To get started, fill out this form or
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A HAP Concierge Membership Includes:

Our memberships for unlimited trips start at $999 for a full-year and include the following for up to five people:

Custom Itineraries, where we plan EVERYTHING:

Our expert travel savants, all of whom specialize in boutique-style hotels and unique experiences, will craft a customized itinerary for you that exceeds personalization. Expect a hassle-free trip, where every detail is planned for you.

Insider Access:

Insider access to villas, jet and yacht charters, and worldwide driver services.

VIP Perks & Privileges:

We provide you with an elevated travel experience. Expect perks and privileges at a slew of boutique hotels around the world. 

24/7 Support:

We provide you with 24/7 travel support and unrivaled access to expert-led guidance at every step of your trip.

Meet Our Travel Savants Who Will Be Planning Your Trip 

John Beeler

Head Travel Savant at HAP Concierge

Growing up in the picturesque resort town of Sedona, AZ, John was born with a lifelong passion for exploring the world’s best destinations. Since launching a full service travel agency in 2016, John takes pride in streamlining all elements of the travel experience and mapping out the next generation of the travel industry. When not at home in West Hollywood, California, you can find John in the pointy end of the plane headed to a new adventure, such as recent summer travels to Mexico’s Nayarit Coast, touring through Tuscany or exploring Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic paradise.




Brandon Berkson

Founder of Hotels Above Par

Founder of Hotels Above Par Brandon Berkson’s first passion in life is travel. He has been all around the world, from Australia to Peru to Poland. An enthusiast for globetrotting and exploring the uniqueness of new places, his adoration for boutique-style hotels and experiences not only galvanized him to start Hotels Above Par, but also spawned HAP Concierge. He is all about planning trips for people and is excited for HAP Concierge to become your hip new travel agent. 

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