Casa Silencio: A Design-Forward Mezcal Distillery and Boutique Hotel in Mexico

Located deep in a valley in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, a new hotel makes its debut, Casa Silencio.

Casa Silencio

Founders of Mezcal El Silencio, Vicente Cisneros and Fausto Zapata, are at the helm. Their vision, to create a luxe, eco-minded retreat set at the brand’s distillery with the help of legendary architect Alejandro D’Acosta.

Casa Silencio

Renowned interior designer Martina D’Acosta curated inside spaces, including the library and boutique-style lobby, which are equipped with high-end furnishings and artwork. Local artisans living around the nearby town of Xaagá created majority of the decorative elements throughout the property: pedal-loomed curtains by the Hernandez Quero family in Mitla, and abstract wooden pieces made in Huayapam are just two examples of many.

As a whole, the space employs “closed-door” architecture, plus a mix of modern and ancient techniques that harness locally sourced materials: walls are constructed with endemic soil, recycled wood hoists the ceiling, and solar panels power everything.

Casa Silencio in Mexico

Casa Silencio’s six suites showcase bespoke art, textiles, and a décor that pays homage to the mezcal production process. Artfully minimalist all around, burnt-wood furnishings, distressed leather, artisanal candles, hand-woven rugs, velvet upholstery, and copper lamps populate each accommodation. Spa-like bathrooms feature walk-in showers and monolith stone sinks—one suite’s is enveloped in a mosaic wall of recycled El Silencio bottles.

With an on-site mezcal distillery, Casa Silencio encourages guests to learn more about the production process. Full of longstanding traditions, generational mezcaleros will show you how to chop pinas of agave and put them into the oven. Private tastings of the spirit await in the communal space after your tour.

When it comes to dining, Executive Chef Daniel Robles curates a menu offering Oaxacan-style cuisine. His culinary masterpieces are served at a 53-foot-long communal table made up of a 17-ton slab of hand-cut basalts, plus expansive views of local mountains and valleys.

The cherry on top of a fantastic day: Having the hotel arrange a tour of the culturally rich, 45-minutes-away Oaxaca de Juárez.

Casa Silencio

5 Stars | Website | Oaxaca International Airport

6 | Free WiFi; Bar; Restaurant | 1

Zona Arqueológica de Mitla; Palenque Mal De Amor; Templo de San Pablo Apóstol

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