The small Middle Eastern nation of Israel is inimitable.

There’s no other place like it on earth. In the north, the Golan Heights are replete with expansive wineries that cascade down hillsides and flow into valleys. In the center of the country, Tel Aviv—the most progressive city in the Middle East—flaunts well-designed skyscrapers, lively beaches, intimate cafes, modish boutiques and a glimpse into the Ottoman empire, specifically in the preserved neighborhood of Jaffa. Further inland but also in the center of the country, from ruins to places of worship, Jerusalem tells the story of religion for all different faiths. Near the border with Jordan is the Dead Sea, which contains so much salt and minerals, you can simply float on the water, no problem. To the south, the Negev Desert boasts stargazing and moon-like landscapes. And below that, the Red Sea allows for snorkeling and swimming, in the town of Eilat.

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