Everything You Need to Know About the Wes Anderson Social Media Trend

Credit: Fouquet’s New York

With the increase in travel this summer, it’s only fitting that a fun social media trend would emerge for all your social media content. While there have been other trends in the past, the new Wes Anderson trend has quickly gone viral. Its distinct look and sound are a massive draw for creators and social media users alike. 

Credit: Fouquet’s New York

The trend itself was started by Ava Williams, a content creator on TikTok. She posted a video of her train journey from Connecticut to New York in a style that imitated Anderson’s. From there, the TikTok trend quickly took off and nowadays you’ll find creators utilizing the trend in daily vlogs, trip content, and much, much more. The director’s signature cinematography style is distinct, with symmetrical square shots, quick zooms, and lively saturated colors being key characteristics of it.

Credit: Fouquet’s New York

Similar to Anderson’s films, actions and gestures in the social media trend are typically in slow-motion sequences. They’ll feature the social media user or object centrally focused, incorporating small changes or little clips to give an overview of the person’s day, trip, or travel. While the social media videos can’t precisely replicate Anderson’s works of art, they come pretty close to imitating their visual style of them at a basic level. 

Credit: Fouquet’s New York

Overall, the trend is a unique take on the iconic filmmaker’s most popular works. It brings a bit of fun back to social media and is something you’ll be seeing all over your social feeds if you haven’t already.

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