This Hidden Hot Spring in Iceland Is Vacation Goals

Everyone will tell you to head to the world-famous Blue Lagoon to get your hot spring fix when you are in Iceland. That said, heed this piece of advice we received from those who call the island nation home: If you want a true local experience, give Blue Lagoon a pass.

Whenever we travel, we always are in search of hidden gems. So, with that in mind, we opted to visit a secret hot spring situated amidst Iceland’s mountainous terrain, Landmannalaugar.

Landmannalaugar is located in southern Iceland and around three hours from Reykjavik, right in the middle of Fjallabak Nature Reserve. The journey starts with paved motorways, and eventually segues into rougher dirt roads.

Every kilometer is more majestic than the last. The Icelandic landscape is something out of this world: rainbow colors, magical lakes, and lava fields paint the scene.

There wasn’t a soul in sight while driving through the mountain range to get to the hot spring. Rightfully so, the trip has you carving around peaks, piercing through rivers, and puttering down icy slopes.

It’s highly recommended that you hire someone to drive you to the hot spring. Rental car companies’ insurance policies don’t cover river crossings; in fact, there are a few local stories of cars bobbing down the rivers you have to cross. Don’t be a hero, hire a driver.

Originally known as “the pool of the people,” Landmannalaugar is enjoyable year-round. Once you set yourself in the hot springs, your body will thank you instantly. The views of the misty mountains, lava fields, and miniature waterfalls cascading into the hot springs, as well as the hot stones underneath you, spawn complete rejuvenation and relaxation.

It’s absolute heaven. Bring some Brennivin, Iceland’s signature liquor, and be prepared to enjoy the whole day there.

Yes, it was a meticulous drive; but that said, I can tell you this: the end result was definitely worth it.

In conclusion, give me a natural spring surrounded by mountains any day of the week.

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