HOTEL HIT LIST: A Q&A with Fashion, Travel, & Lifestyle Influencer, Moti Ankari (@MotiAnkari)

We sat down with illustrious Influencer, @MotiAnkari—also founder of @AnkariFloruss as well as premier blog, The Metro Man—and asked him his favorite hotels. The lifestyle, travel, and fashion aficionado has impeccable taste—he has been everywhere and stayed at a multitude of amazing places around the world. Below, check out Moti’s “Hotel Hit List”👇

1️⃣ The most unique hotel I’ve ever visited:
“The Getaway House (@GetawayHouse)—there are a few of them throughout the US; I went to the ones in The Catskills. I recently stayed here, and although it’s not my ideal vacation spot, I really appreciated being surrounded by nature and disconnecting.” (Picture 1) 🇺🇸

2️⃣ The hotel lobby with the coolest decor:
Paradiso Hotel (@Paradiso_Ibiza) in Spain is an influencer’s dream. It’s super modern and filled with art-deco elements. Imagine a super pink—not the obnoxious kind—hotel with retro furnishings and bright and colorful art. If you’re into that, you’re going to love this hotel.” (Picture 2) 🇪🇸

3️⃣ The hotel where I want to spend my next big birthday:
“Ahhh… I m between the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti (@FSSerengeti), Tanzania, and Jumeirah Vittaveli (@JumeirahVittaveli) in the Maldives. I’ve never been to either, but they’re both on my list!” 🇹🇿 🇲🇻

4️⃣ The hotel room with a view that made my jaw drop:
The 1 Hotel (@1Hotels) in Dumbo, Brooklyn—I did a staycation last year ago—there’s a hammock in the middle of the room, which overlooks the entire city. At night when the city is lit up, it’s MAGICAL.” 🇺🇸

5️⃣ The hotel brunch that I’m constantly craving:
Four Seasons, Milan (@FSMilan)—I mean, after all, it’s Italy, which has my favorite cuisine. The coffee here is probably BEST I had in my entire life. And, also, did you even go to Italy without ordering the Tiramisu at 2:00 am?” (Picture 3) 🇮🇹5w

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