How Galerie Philia’s Transatlántico Bridges Latin American and European Design

How Galerie Philia's Transatlántico Bridges Latin American and European Design
By Alexis Christodoulou
Courtesy of Galerie Philia 2022 and Missana Lab

If you’re in Mexico City this month for the biannual Zona Maco art fair, don’t miss Transatlántico, an immersive new exhibition from design & art gallery, Galerie Philia. From Feb 8-12, Transatlántico will spotlight a new generation of Latin American talent alongside leading European designers, bridging respective influences in their creative spheres. The show’s mission aligns with Galerie Philia’s greater philosophy which celebrates artistry as a means to transcend societal, cultural, and geographical boundaries.

Alfa Lamp Platalea Studio
Alfa Lamp
By Rodrigo Lobato Yáñes for Platalea Studio
Courtesy of Galerie Philia 2022 and Platalea Studio

Ygaël Attali, co-founder of Galerie Philia elaborates: “Transatlántico is founded on the idea of forming a transatlantic bridge between the contrasting cultural and artistic worlds of Europe and Latin America, identifying how we establish a creative discourse across the social boundaries associated with the geography that divides us. We hope that the culmination of these pieces together, a hybrid of European and Latin American visual idiosyncrasies, creates an influence more sensational than that of the individual; a testament and appreciation of the intricacies of Latin America’s culture and design on an international scale.”

Desk Alchemy Chairs Rick Owens
Desk Alchemy Chair
By Rick Owens
Courtesy of Galerie Philia 2022 and the Designer

Featuring 50 works by 30 designers, Transatlántico is a multisensory journey that spans 7,500+ square-feet of gallery space and a custom-designed rooftop. Galerie Philia collaborated with avant-garde events atelier House of Kirschner, known for creating ephemeral experiences, bringing the space to life through vibrant sight and sound displays, fine food, and an olfactory installation by Rio de Janeiro-based Studio Roca, which diffuses scents that evoke the Mexican ecosystem.

La Macorina Verdi Design
La Macorina Hammock Chair
By Verdi Design
Courtesy of Galerie Philia 2022 and Verdi Design

Perhaps most striking about Transatlántico is the surprisingly harmonious juxtaposition of environmental design with more funky, if not entirely otherworldly pieces. You’ll spot works crafted of natural & sustainable materials, like Colombian artist Alejandra Aristizábal’s textiles made with fique (an Andean plant) and woven designs of discarded fabric waste by Mexican studio Calarga displayed steps away from Vladimir Naumov’s iconic Yeti Sofa and brutalist furniture by Rick Owens—an unforgettable experience.

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