Richard Branson’s Necker Island is One of the Caribbean’s Most Sought-After Hotels

Necker Island

Surrounded by a turquoise ocean and untouched coral reefs, Richard Branson’s Necker Island is the story of a one of a kind paradise reborn more captivating than ever.⁠

Necker Island

For over two years, the premiere destination of the British Virgin Islands remained shutdown as the resort recovered from the wreckage caused by Hurricane Irma. Never one to stray from a challenge, owner Richard Branson and his team upgraded the island into an eco-conscience, high end attraction, mixing luxury design with renewable technology that not only treats guests to an experience like no other, but reduces the island’s environmental impact. ⁠

Necker Island

A private haven, Necker Island is all about exclusivity where each visitor’s stay is tailored exactly to their needs, including dining. At the famous floating sushi bar, top rated chefs craft menus exploding with flavor, combining traditional Japanese cuisine with a splash of local Caribbean ingredients. When not treating the taste buds, guests can admire the protected wildlife species that live openly on the island right from the comfort of their doorstep. ⁠

Necker Island

But the cute locals aren’t the only draw.⁠

Visitors are encouraged to partake in the many activities found on and off the island, ranging from diving in underwater shipwrecks, sunrise or sunset yoga sessions on the beach, hiking trails, and a spa treatment which caters to an aromatherapy skincare technique exclusive to the resort.⁠

Necker Island

During their stay, guests are treated to the choice of twenty-four luxurious Balinese-style guest rooms and villas, where each space offers sweeping views of the Caribbean waters and an intimate private experience. For those looking to indulge, the latest addition to the hotel, the Bali H complex, features a private pool for all your fun in the sun dreams. ⁠

Make sure to book your next trip to Necker Island, the tropical retreat that celebrates the world and you. ⁠

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