Step Inside NYC’s Bold and Eccentric Objective Gallery

Take a peek inside NYC’s Objective Gallery, an unmatched brick-and-mortar concept for high-end interior design and collectible art at the corner of Spring and Greenwich Streets.

Located at the nexus of SoHo, TriBeCa, and the West Village, this gallery-showroom hybrid is the brainchild of designer and gallerist Chris Shao and interior design “fournisseur” Marc Jebara, who joined forces to transform a commodious ground-floor loft into a brilliant home for their ambitious new ventures.  

Objective Gallery’s origins are in Shanghai, where Shao established one of the first venues devoted to functional art and collectible design in China in 2020. With Jebara as a partner, the gallerist has transplanted his curatorial philosophy to NYC, introducing a rotation of eccentric pieces crafted of new media and proprietary materials honed by international artists and designers. In addition to housing an art exhibition space, the address will double as the HQ of Jebara x Shao, an aptly named interior design showroom studio specializing in producing bespoke rugs, fabrics, decorative objects, and more—all from top-tier talent.

Ensuring maximum fluidity of the gallery space, the cofounders installed flex walls allowing them to shift the guest experience with each immersive bi-monthly installation. Still, their curatorial approach is rooted in finding a balance between edgy artistic expression and functionality. “The front section will be reserved as an exhibition space to showcase emerging artists and experimental design,” Shao tells HAP. “The rear part will remain a homey lounge area filled with pieces we’d have in our apartments. It’s really a perfect fusion of gallery and showroom. From home décor to experimental design pieces, you’ll find it here.” 

Objective Gallery’s inaugural exhibition features works by 25 interdisciplinary creatives—most of whom are millennials—including Rosie Li‘s ginkgo blossom chandelier, fluffy periwinkle-upholstered “cookie monster” chairs by Charlotte Kingsnorth, and a surrealist walnut lamp by Vincent Poscik. 

Catch the whimsical show (by appointment only) before it wraps on April 24th.

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