Red Hotels Around the World

Red red design, you make me feel so fine. You keep me bookin’ all of the time.

Not how the song goes, but it could have given that red symbolizes passion, vigor, prosperity and courage, all things travel makes us feel. Many cultures also believe the hue is auspicious and wards off evil, also handy on vacations. Travel writer Carrie Bell hunted down hotels for perfect red October stays.

Faena (Miami Beach, FL)

Faena (Miami Beach, FL)

This Miami Beach hotel is lathered in red, especially with its poolside furnishings.

TheVagabondClub (Singapore)

The Vagabond Club (Singapore)

Various shades of rouge appear throughout the Parisian-inspired Tribute Portfolio Hotel—on exterior shutters, velvety ottomans at the foot of beds and floral room dividers. The most striking use is found in the bespoke whiskey bar where gold animal and tree statues shine under fiery light surrounded by vermillion upholstery.

TheSeabird (Oceanside, CA)

The Seabird (Oceanside, CA)

The views from the beachfront resort (and poolside restaurant) are awash in blue, but The Shelter Club’s corner nook will have you seeing red. Ferrari-colored curios, pillows and books rev up the space, but the one-pièce de resistance is the framed Julie Harris-curated vintage swimsuits that match.

CanopyMadridCastellana (Madrid, Spain)

Canopy Madrid Castellana (Madrid, Spain)

This hotel only opened in September, but its vivid lobby look complete with patterned floor and deco-style scarlet partition has us REaDy to catch flights. The terrace also relies on rojo with cushions reminiscent of old-timey barber vests.

SchlossElmau (Elmau, Germany)

Schloss Elmau (Elmau, Germany)

The Bavarian Alps spa resort is crazy for claret, picking it for lampshades, duvets, rugs, the concert hall and headboards emblazoned with its elephant logo. Relax under ruby pool umbrellas on cherry chaises long enough to potentially spot shy red deer.

HotelVance (Portland, OR)

Hotel Vance (Portland, OR)

Crimson splashes in this new Stumptown stay are nods to the past. Suite murals juxtapose roses, official bloom of PDX, and ‘60s Akai reel recorders, while bathroom tile mosaics form Benson Bubblers, iconic 1912 fountains scattered around town.

The Redbury New York

The Redbury New York (New York, NY)

Rooms at this Midtown boutique feature a bold red background. (2022 reopening)

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