The Universe’s First Space Hotel Will Open in 2027


If you ask us, we are definitely keen on taking a (literal) out-of-this-world vacation.

Fortunately, the Voyager Station — the world’s first commercial space hotel — has been conceptualized. The one-of-a-kind, Earth-shattering (get it?) property is slated to open in 2027. Orbital Assembly Corporation, a recently-established construction company run by former pilot John Blincow, is at the helm.

The hotel will take the form of a rotating wheel to mimic gravity so guests can enjoy the same comforts they would on Earth as they would in space. It’s expected to hold up to 280 guests and 112 crew members. Accommodations will range from stylish, 320-square-foot rooms to 5,200-square-foot luxe suites, to 16-person “villas.”

Amenities include a spa, gym, concert venues, and several bars and lounges with prime views of Earth.

Voyager Station also plans to seek inspiration from its surroundings in the form of innovative food and beverage offerings (think: freeze-dried ice cream). Additionally, the hotel hopes to offer sports like basketball, in which guests can jump higher than ever due to the weight difference.

Rates have yet to be released, but a room here is sure to cost you a pretty penny. It’s space travel, after all.

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