This Magnificent Church Is Built into Sedona’s Red Rocks

This Magnificent Church Is Built into Sedona’s Red Rocks

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is perfectly perched upon — and inside — Sedona, Arizona’s famed red rocks.

This southwestern landmark was completed back in 1956. The chapel, which is built directly into the city’s famed red buttes, was commissioned by local rancher and sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude, who sought inspiration from the Empire State Building. She was also a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Architects Richard Hein and August K. Strotz helped bring the now-iconic landmark to life. However, building the structure was no easy feat: About 25 tons of rock had to be moved to accommodate for the construction.

The church’s facade is accented with can’t-miss features, such as a giant stained-glass artwork, sun-drenched windows, and a staggering 90-foot cross. It’s also famous for its expansive Verde Valley views, which have attracted millions of visitors over the years.

Travelers also rave about the site’s tranquil atmosphere, which is considered to be one of several sacred vortex sites in Sedona. The vortexes are known for their healing energy. They are popular spots for meditating and yoga, and many travelers leave them feeling renewed and recharged.

The famed church — which stands at a whopping 200 feet tall and sandwiched between two massive rock formations — has since gone on to win The American Institute of Architects Award of Honor.

Needless to say, this one-of-a-kind, red rock beauty is worth a visit during your next trip to Sedona.

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