This Remote Costa Rica Airbnb Blends Glamping with Cabin Life

Glamping is the perfect off-the-grid getaway—and this dreamy Costa Rica Airbnb is especially ideal for travelers in search of seclusion. 

Tucked away on a private farm, the idyllic Valhalla Cabin was designed with animal lovers in mind. Here, you can ride horses, spot adorable ducks, and snap photos of sweet sheep–all without having to leave the property. You’ll also find lots of lush fauna in the form of towering trees, greenery, tropical plants, and more. 

Follow the small, stone-lined pathway up to the entrance of the serene space. The accommodation, which is best described as one-part glamping unit, one-part tiny home, features Scandinavian-inspired design elements that are sure to make you swoon. 

As such, you won’t mind minimal decor, especially considering that the tranquil surroundings—which can be viewed from almost any angle–speak well for themselves. Instead, you’ll find lots of windows and wood panels that help bring the outdoors (and tons of natural light!) in. 

Additionally, this one-of-a-kind waterfront cabin is also equipped with a skylight, which can be found right above the bed. This affords you the incredible opportunity to admire the postcard-worthy vistas—and cute-as-can-be animals—without even having to step foot outside (although we definitely recommend doing so!). The small deck, which can be found right outside the bedroom area, is perfect for sipping coffee or cocktails (or, let’s be honest, both) as you admire the sun or stars above. And, while the bathroom is detached from the cabin, it is private. 

Valhalla Cabin can be found in Florencia, which is part of the Costa Rican province of Alajuela. The tiny town is known for its abundance of beautiful hot springs. Meanwhile, La Fortuna, which is known as the gateway to the world-famous Arenal Volcano National Park, is about 40 minutes away by car. As such, you’ll be within easy driving distance of some of the country’s most beautiful sites (so be sure to bring your iPhone along for the journey so you can snap some pics). 

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