4 Airbnb Yurts to Stay at in the U.S.

Yurts have gone through an evolution. Originally put together with skin and felt in ancient inner-Asia, these circular domed tents have morphed into distant relatives of what they once were. Some believe yurts don’t even have to be a tent anymore; they can just have the general round shape with which they are most associated. Below, we’ve rounded up four Airbnb yurts across the United States.👇

Airbnb Yurt #1: Forest Garden Yurt in Missouri

Tucked away in the Ozark forest, this is one of those distant relatives of traditional yurts due to it being constructed with wood (it’s the shape that counts here). Formerly a pottery studio and home for a local artist, the yurt is filled with unconventional splendors like hobbit-hole doors and a handful of low clearances. On a conventional side of things, it’s equipped with a kitchen, bedroom, and a nook living room.

Airbnb Yurt #2: The 36th Street Urban-Garden Yurt in Idaho

This Boise-located yurt is charming and made-to-feel-spacious, with venting skylight and wood floors. The space is nestled within a small garden, where a pergola and outdoor fireplace welcome cozy conversations and relaxing book-reading sessions.

Airbnb Yurt #3: Yurt Mountain Retreat in Virginia

Located 2,000-ft above sea level in the state’s Blue Ridge Mountains, this accommodation is only ten minutes away from the stunning landscapes of Shenandoah National Park (@shenandoahnps). The yurt is ensconced in the middle of a farmstead, noticeably reflected in its upholstered barn-style furnishings. When walking outside, guests can enjoy a hot tub and 58 acres of pastoral land to roam.

Airbnb Yurt #4: Cherry Blossom Yurt on Lookout Mountain in Georgia

This circular red yurt stands out amidst a forest-and-pastoral backdrop. Guests love the comfortable deck and its views of Chattanooga Valley. Those looking for a fun field trip should try hang gliding at nearby Lookout Mountain Flight Park.

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