Katie Lockhart

Chiang Mai Destination Guide

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Destination Guide

A perennial stop for backpackers and foodies visiting Thailand, this northern city is home to golden temples, enticing eats and scenic mountain views. Katie Lockhart shares her “1,2,3…

Retreat At Blue Lagoon (Credit_ Blue Lagoon Iceland)

The Best Boutique Hotels in Iceland

Iceland is the queen of quirk. From elves to fermented shark and all wool everything, its incredible Scandi-chic hotels fit right in. Here’s seven of the coolest in…

1, 2, 3: Doha, Qatar City Guide

1, 2, 3: Doha, Qatar City Guide

Doha is quite literally on the rise, with new structures changing the skyline on the regular. Inside these new buildings are five-star hotels, Michelin-star chef restaurants and high-end…

New Orleans’ Most Beautifully Designed Hotel Restaurants

New Orleans’ Most Beautifully Designed Hotel Restaurants

New Orleans’ hotel restaurants are having a major moment. From stylish interiors, colorful cocktails, and standout menus by the city’s best chefs, travel and food journalist Katie Lockhart…


1, 2, 3: Faroe Islands Destination Guide

This group of 18 islands between Iceland and Norway is a sensory overload of rugged natural beauty, towering waterfalls, and quaint villages. Journalist Katie Lockhart shares her “1,2,3…

sri lanka hotels

Incredible Sri Lanka Hotels to Visit

Roaming elephants, cascading rows of tea leaves and exceptionally surfable waves, Sri Lanka has it all. Here are four of the most incredible places to stay in Sri…


The Best Luxe Overwater Hotels in the Maldives

Over the top or overwater, when it comes to the Maldives, you get both in spades. Here are three of the islands’ most beautiful overwater oases.


3 of The Sleekest-Designed Hotels in Southeast Asia

From urban oasis to beachside retreat, Southeast Asia is overflowing with impeccably designed hotels to appease the eye. These are three of the sleekest and chicest boutique properties…


Three Can’t-Miss Hotels On Your Next Trip To Vietnam

One of Southeast Asia’s most underrated destinations, Vietnam is a treasure trove of charming cities and outstanding street food. There’s also a plethora of luxury hotels for high-end…


The Indochinese History Behind Phú Quoc’s Famous La Veranda Resort

Vibrant red and yellow heliconias sway as you walk a brick maze that feels more like a tropical rainforest than hotel grounds. But that’s just one of Catherine…

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