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Hong Kong Destination Guide

Hong Kong Destination Guide

Gritty, glitzy and endlessly growing upward, Hong Kong is small but mighty. This world-class city is packed with Cantonese cuisine, luxe shopping, towering skyscrapers and a surprising amount…

This Athens Hotel Is Ushering In A Stay For The Modern Traveler

This Athens Hotel Is Ushering in a Stay for The Modern Traveler

Athens is having a moment; a Renaissance, if you will. Gritty and graffitied, Greece’s capital is cooler than ever. With photo-friendly cafes, award-winning cocktail bars and new hotels…


Where to Visit in Thailand

Famed for its umami street food, turquoise waters and ancient temples, Thailand is a bonafide slice of paradise. The only country in Southeast Asia to withstand European colonization,…

Honolulu, Hawaii, Destination Guide

Honolulu, Hawaii, Destination Guide

Its beachside skyscrapers may have earned Hawaii’s capital the nickname, The Big Pineapple, but visitors usually just call it paradise. Honolulu has the best of both worlds, from…


The Most Stunning Hotel Tennis Courts Around The World

Tennis is more popular than ever thanks to superstars like Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal. In 2021, 22.6 million Americans picked up a racquet, a 27.9 percent increase…

This Is Athen’s Coolest New Boutique Hotel

This Is Athens’ Coolest New Boutique Hotel

Long just a stopover city for island-hoppers on their way to glitzy Mykonos or sleepy Sifnos, Athens is having a moment. Award-winning bars, a killer cafe scene and…

7 Volcanic Hotels Around the World

Fiery red lava, flowing magma and firework eruptions have shaped our world. Volcanic activity dating back millions of years, or just a few days⁠, has created new islands…

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam Destination Guide

The capital of Vietnam is overflowing with coffee, culture and commotion. There’s no better place to dodge motorbikes and try stellar street food than this vibrant northern city….

Seoul, South Korea, Destination Guide

Seoul, South Korea, Destination Guide

South Korea’s capital city is a bastion for quirky cafes, K-pop and a killer drink and food culture. This sprawling city can be overwhelming, but journalist Katie Lockhart…

Chiang Mai Destination Guide

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Destination Guide

A perennial stop for backpackers and foodies visiting Thailand, this northern city is home to golden temples, enticing eats and scenic mountain views. Katie Lockhart shares her “1,2,3…

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