4 Airbnbs For Your Next Joshua Tree Escape

Joshua Tree National Park is known for its appealing seclusion, rich geological features, desert landscape, and flora & fauna abundance. Separate from its natural splendors, the area is home to a number of trendy Airbnbs (@airbnbs), ranging from avant-garde horizontal skyscrapers to modern, bohemian-style abodes. We’ve shared four to stay at during your next Joshua Tree escape.đŸ‘‡

The Invisible House Joshua Tree Airbnb
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Airbnb #1: The Invisible House (@theinvisiblehouse)

Chances are you’ve never stayed in a mirrored 22-story horizontal skyscraper in the middle of the desert. If our hunch is correct, you need to put this Airbnb on your list. It’s not just a place to stay; the space also functions as a set for films, events (when we could all congregate), and art exhibitions. Amenities include a 100-foot indoor pool, chef’s kitchen, 13-foot dining room for formal meals, as well as a 90-acre backyard for hiking.

Dome in the Desert Joshua Tree Airbnb
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Airbnb #2: Dome in the Desert (@domeinthedesert)

A modern-bohemian dome in the middle of the arid terrain, this Airbnb boasts many handcrafted items, including a natural wood-burning stove, crafts such as dreamcatchers and planter pedestals hanging onto the walls, as well southwestern-patterned fabrics that dress inside furnishings.

Off-Grid itHouse Joshua Tree Airbnb
(đŸ“·: @lance.gerber)

Airbnb #3: Off-Grid itHouse

Touted by Dwell as one of the ‘Best Homes in America,’ this Pioneertown, California structure is designed to lessen travelers’ footprint — it’s completely powered by solar panels for energy and hot water. Blueprint-wise, the open floor plan is encased in 360-degree glass floor-to-ceiling windows that provide expansive views of the surrounding boulders and desert.

Cabin Cabin Cabin Joshua Tree Airbnb
(đŸ“·: @wynnieyoung)

Airbnb #4: Cabin Cabin Cabin (@cabincabincabin)

This one-bedroom, one-bath home is located close to the shops, restaurants, and galleries that make up the village of Joshua Tree. The spaces houses desert-meets-bohemian furniture and intricately-handcrafted art and chachkies, which can be found throughout the dwelling. When heading outside come nighttime, travelers can witness the star-abundant sky from the comfort and warmth of the backyard’s outdoor clawfoot tub.

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