Luchadors, Magicians, and Acrobats: DTLA’s Level 8 Is a Delicious Curation of Culinary and Entertainment Experiences

Exiting the eighth-floor elevator of LA’s Moxy Hotel is akin to entering an armoire and landing in Narnia, except instead of centaurs and talking beavers, you’re met with fire dancers and acrobats. 

We’re calling Level 8 a clubhouse for Michelin-starred chefs, featuring guests who expect fine dining paired with the right amount of debauchery. It’s an elevated party scene that doesn’t skimp on quality; each twist and turn down a dimly lit hallway leads to one of eight themed restaurants and clubs. 

Entertaining elements are paramount to the identity of each room. Luchadors wrestle from a suspended ring on the ceiling of Sinners y Santos, where guests feel the bass bumping from blasting AC/DC anthems. Magicians move from table to table at Maison Kasai, correctly guessing aces from a stack of cards held flush by diners.

Scratching the itch to indulge in that extra cocktail is justified thanks to a contagious social atmosphere. At Level 8, dinner and dancing are a perfectly calculated formula. 

Here’s the story behind Mr. Wanderlust: you’ve been invited to the home of an eccentric traveler, and the dim space serves as a curation of mementos and oddities he’s collected from across the seven continents. Cocktails are the standout and play-on ingredients that are unique without feeling intimidating. Take Spanish Fly, which combines gin, napoleon, strawberry, sage, and honey. Live piano and jazz heighten the speakeasy atmosphere. 

Maison Kasai is a teppanyaki restaurant with dishes by Michelin-starred chef Joshua Gil. On the tableside cooking menu are recipes combining French and Japanese cuisine (think wagyu dumplings). Magicians make their rounds with “how’d you do that?” tricks, while mixologists set the bar on fire. Don’t forget to order a lychee martini. 

To your left, rows of bobbing lucky cats line the floor-to-ceiling of Lucky Mizu. To your right, a synth-pop band plays guitar, drums, and a 40-foot Earth harp from an elevated stage above the bar. Hot pot dishes and wild-caught sashimi make for a delicious meal made somehow better by sparkling sake and caviar service starters. A collection of booths envelops the sizeable circular bar in the middle, making it perfect for first dates or group celebrations. 

Golden Hour feels like a five-star resort plucked from the Caribbean and plopped into DTLA. The glow of fire dancers illuminates poolside cabanas while a rotating carousel bar pays subtle homage to Magic Hour, the Moxy’s iconic NYC rooftop near Times Square. 

Also on the dining menu is The Brown Sheep taco truck, with street food by LA Chef Ray Garcia (think Baja tacos and jerk quesadillas) for the perfect apps and late-night bites. Mother of Pearl harnesses the power of champagne and oysters and combines fresh ceviche and pressed juices for mimosa heaven. Que Barbaro is another elevated date night spot for steak, seafood, and impressive vegetarian dishes. 

Sinners y Santos is lined with walls of liquor and stained glass windows in equal measure; booths are replaced with pews. Deep conversations may be interrupted by live luchador shows, where a suspended ring emerges from the ceiling, and performers wrestle in time with “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC. This should be your final stop at Level 8, as we believe in saving best for last.

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