Meet Piaule: A Design-Forward Dream in Upstate New York

Meet Piaule: The Catskills’ new design-forward retreat. Shrouded in forestry two and a half hours away from NYC, the hotel is a secluded respite from The Big Apple.

It’s hard to believe Piaule used to be an active bluestone quarry; you would never guess unearthing took place here—everything seems gracefully integrated into the grounds’ sprawling meadows and towering trees. The architects had that vision in mind: to preserve what was native and natural to the land. And brilliantly, that vision came true: only five acres of terrain were obstructed, and lighting is designed to be minimal as a way to forbid light pollution and spawn optimal stargazing.

Piaule interior

Your first glance at the interior is in The Main House, which acts as the official lobby. Inside stands a check-in desk, all-day restaurant serving dishes with ingredients sourced locally, and retail gallery. For design enthusiasts, it’s love at first sight: magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows peer out at the surrounding landscape and bring in beautiful natural light, homage is paid to the serene exterior palette with walls clad in untreated white oak and floors made of local bluestone, Danish furniture surrounds specially-carved tables sourced from storm-felled hardwood, and a wood-burning fireplace is ensconced in zinc.

Piaule spa

Sitting under the lobby is the spa—which in addition to boasting a bluestone-enveloped steam room, large sauna with forest views, plus temperature-regulated indoor pool—offers treatments such as reiki, sound baths, yoga, and meditation.

Each of the hotel’s 24 cabins exudes Scandinavian minimalism. You walk in and immediately drop your jaw at the panoramic view from the backside floor-to-ceiling window. Suddenly it’s just you, your bed, and the forest. Surrounding walls seem not to exist anymore.

After a long ponder at the view, you come to realize the uniqueness of the interior: ceramics made by Kati Von Lehman, Japanese-blown glassware, and solid oak beds grace the space. The bathroom is just as attractive, with its heated stone floors and bath amenities from local collaborator, Village Common.

To sum it up, Piaule is the weekend escape all New Yorkers need.

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