Puebla, Mexico, Destination Guide

Puebla is one of Mexico’s most underrated destinations: a medley of baroque churches, fascinating museums, art shops selling Mexican folklore, and traditional restaurants occupy the colorful buildings that line this city’s charming streets. To sum things up, it oozes authenticity at every corner. HAP Founder Brandon Berkson shares his “Puebla Destination Guide” below.

Yellow building in Puebla, Mexico with a person walking by.


Banyan Tree Puebla hotel in Puebla, Mexico. The hotel is grey and has stone elements on it.

Banyan Tree Puebla

This is the town’s coolest hotel. The Talavera-heavy décor; scenic rooftop pool, with its accompanying bar boasting breathtaking views of the town and distant volcano; as well as its centuries-old backyard ruins accessible from the lobby via underground tunnel are just a few highlights of many here.


Black plate containing a sandwich with shredded meat and a roll.


This traditional restaurant serves bomb Mole Poblano. Totally atmospheric.

Beautifully plated food with shredded meat, onions, and other food items.

Casa Barroca

This trendy fine-dining restaurant pairs traditional Mexican cooking with fine art.


Museo Amparo in Puebla, Mexico. This room in the museum has a pink wall and different radio sculptures.

Museo Amparo

Those who love history and art should consider checking out this museum. Here, Mexico’s storied past is imparted to visitors via their collection, which sports masterpieces from the country’s different eras, from pre-Hispanic to Spanish Colonial to current times.

Large room with many book shelves in the Biblioteca Palafoxiana in Puebla, Mexico.

Biblioteca Palafoxiana

Here at HAP, libraries and bookstores are absolute musts. There’s nothing like NOT reading your Kindle, but rather something with paper pages. Whether you want to peruse the shelves, admire the stunning centuries-old interior, or stick your head in a novel (there are over 41,000 books of Mexican and international literature here), this place is inimitable to its core.

Zócalo de Puebla

Puebla is known for its swaths of impressive churches. While each one is beautiful in its own way, it’s the big one, Zócalo de Puebla, that especially catches our eyes inside and out: its ornate interior, deft craftsmanship all around, and baroque-style fountain in the front plaza — a space where locals, balloon-sellers, and shoe-shiners enjoy sunny days with one another — make it a hub for both design and culture.

The International Museum of the Baroque / Museo Internacional del Barroco

The International Museum of the Baroque is a must if you want to learn more about everything Baroque. Blueprinted by Japanese architect Toyo Itō, the museum is a design masterpiece. Its location is outside of Puebla’s center, meaning you will need to take a car.

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