This Indian Boutique Hotel in Jodhpur Feels Like Your Friend’s Sumptuous Estate

Situated behind a plant-dappled barricade that wards off Jodhpur’s calamity, The Rohet House attracts boutique hotel admirers who want to see the Indian city’s famous blue buildings nearby.

With just eight rooms, including six suites, this boutique hotel feels as if you’re a houseguest in someone’s private home—and you quite literally are as the family helming the hotel lives on the comely property: the Singhs.

They often make appearances, interacting with guests—if you love generation-to-generation anecdotes, ask them about their regal pedigree. Rumor has it that the Rohet Estate was granted to their herculean ancestor by the Maharajah in 1622 for war bravery—he had 84 lesions on his body, so he was gifted 84 villages in return. 

If you asked us to paint a picture of the setting, we would immediately start with the spellbinding saturated green that fills gaps between the entrance, communal areas, and edifices. It’s a bona fide oasis.

Varied painted portraits adorn guestroom walls: women in red and yellow saris, scenes of animals congregating, and arrays of flowers are the motifs you can expect. Bed headboards don individualistic patterns, from rainbow sequences to blue-cum-grey arboreal landscapes. You’ll find homespun-woven rugs lying on the floor. Suite or standard room, all accommodations feel spacious.  

Outside, a turquoise-tiled pool appears angularly. A colonnaded terrace fronts it, and pillars connect parted cream-shaded curtains. Ceiling fans spin up above so hot days don’t feel scorching. Mint-green sunloungers offer the perfect respite after a day of exploring the city. 

Tucked away in the derriere greenery is the hotel’s restaurant: a dining room bedecked in mirrors that proves eating inside, even though not ensconced in the outside greenery, is equally as beguiling. Family recipes fill the menu—the mutton curry with red chilis is a must. 

To sum it up, if you want to stay in Jodhpur and are keen on booking a family-owned boutique hotel that feels like a tasteful friend’s manor, The Rohet House is for you.

Top Takeaways

Location: Jodhpur, India  

Rating: Four-star

The vibe: You are a houseguest at your friend’s family estate in India.

Food & Drink:  Yes, there is a hotel restaurant & bar. Prepare yourself for family-coveted recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Our favorite thing about the hotel: Hmmm… we’ll have to say the turquoise-tiled pool and the sunloungers surrounding it. Nap time is easier than ever here. 

Amenities: Pool, restaurant, WI-FI, air conditioning, laundry facilities

Any neighborhood recs? Yes, head over to Jodhpur’s blue buildings and walk through the passageways meandering from here to there. Oh, and head to the Toorji Ka Jhaira: a historic, massive well deeply submerged and surrounded by hand-carved steps (it’s the coolest well you’ll ever witness).

What’s nearby?: Umaid Bhawan Palace, Ghantaghar Clock, Mehrangarh Fort

Pricing: $199/night

Closest airport: Jodhpur Airport (JDH)

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