Spain is renowned for its iconic cities, which include Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Grenada, to name a few. No visit to Barcelona is complete without a tour of the Antoni Gaudí-designed Sagrada Família, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sprawling Park Güell spans plenty of green space and gardens, which are complemented by incredible structures, sculptures, and tilework. Be sure to carve some time to walk up and down the tree-lined La Rambla. Meanwhile, Madrid features everything from lush parks (El Retiro Park is a favorite) to expansive museums (The Prado Museum). Head to the coast and explore the city of Valencia, which is best known for the City of Arts and Sciences, which consists of futuristic-inspired structures that house a planetarium, museum, and oceanarium. If the weather’s nice, lounge out at one of the nearby beaches or stroll through one of the nearby parks. If you have extra time, spend some time in Granada, which is situated along the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The city is best known for its Moorish-style landmarks, including the iconic Alhambra fortress. Lastly, cap off your adventures with a trek to Mallorca, where you’ll find beautiful beaches, towering limestone mountains, vibrant nightlife, and ancient ruins.

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